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Do you need help planning offline media?

We offer solutions to grow in both domestic and foreign markets.


Why choose us?

Digital marketing helps in the growth of the business

At Mindshares, we understand the importance of reliable analytics in marketing decision making. We offer your company comprehensive GA4 training and help with settings. In the training, we cover all the important options and functions to reach maximum results in digital marketing. 

On July 1, the most popular analytics interface Universal Analytics (UA) will stop collecting data and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will be introduced instead, with more innovative and different capabilities.

The sooner you switch to GA4, the sooner you can take advantage of GA4's insights to optimize your digital marketing strategy.

The biggest changes in Google Analytics 4 (GA4):

  • GA4 uses an event-based model (vs. a session-based model in UA)

  • The interface looks different and some metrics are being replaced

  • The Default Channel Grouping report has 16 more channel groups than UA

  • Google's machine learning and data modeling play a much bigger role

  • Data discrepancies in GA4 and Looker Studio due to different data models

  • GA4 collects information on a person-by-person basis, i.e. from the same person's phone and traffic from the computer is grouped under one user

With the right knowledge, you are more likely to make successful marketing decisions. Contact us (


Business analytics

With the help of business analytics, we help clients understand how to use their own and third-party data most effectively for the effectiveness of media and marketing activities. It includes, for example, the following: 1. Creating a media and marketing strategy based on the consumer journey. 2. Determining the optimal media and marketing budget based on marketing and business goals. 3. Evaluation of the combined effect of different media and marketing channels. 4. Mapping the focus segment of the customer. 5. Evaluation of the impact of various marketing activities on sales results. 6. Econometric modeling of marketing 7. Data visualization and reporting of campaign activities as dashboards.


Offline media

As media specialists, we master the planning of all different media, we are aware of all industry trends and we use this knowledge to find the best solutions according to the client's goals. Services offered: 1. TV planning, monitoring and reporting 2. Radio planning and monitoring 3. Print planning and monitoring 4. Outdoor media planning and monitoring.


Consumer research

The main purpose of consumer research is to collect consumer information and combine it with first-, second-, and third-party data to get a 360-degree view of the consumer journey. Using the online survey panel Mindscan, we conduct: 1. Pre- and post-campaign surveys. 2. Media consumption studies. 3. Brand awareness studies. 4. Advertising noticeability studies. 5. A/B testing of advertising solutions. 6. Consumer behavior and motivation studies. In addition, we offer our customers reviews of competitors' activities and advertising expenditures.



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