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Looking for a digital marketing partner?

We offer solutions that help your business grow in both domestic and foreign markets.

Our services

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Setting up GA4

We help to install Google Analytics 4 and configure Tag Manager with custom events. If necessary, we create e-commerce metrics and we install social media pixels. The information gathered through GA4 helps make informed decisions for marketing strategy.

GA4 training for beginners

Do you want to understand how GA4 works and helps grow the company's business?  We introduce  you GA4 environment and conduct personal training. As a result, you understand the essence of GA4, you know how to measure results and make strategic decisions to grow your business.

Mindscan Market research

Mindscan survey platform allows you to create surveys that receive high-quality and fast responses. We can conduct consumer, brand and campaign pre- and post-surveys. There are more than 6,000 people aged 18+ who answer the questions and live all over Estonia.

Image by Luke Chesser

Google Ads 

We carry out keyword analysis, help create a Google Ads account if necessary and set up campaigns. To improve results, we constantly optimize campaigns, analyze campaign performance and reports created by Looker Studio are visible online 24/7. At the end of the campaign, we provide feedback with recommendations & suggestions.

Social Media

90% of Estonian web users visit social media at least once a month. Standing out in social media requires substantive knowledge and practical experience of various platforms . Our certified specialists recommend you how to communicate better with existing or potential consumers in the language specific to social media.

SEO analyses

Both SEO and a user-friendly web environment play an important role in the growth of your business online.  To achieve this goal, we perform an SEO analysis together with a UX/UI audit. Through the analysis of the purchase journey, we find possible areas of concern, propose ways to solve them and take the website to a new level.


About us

Our strength is our experienced experts

Mindshare Estonia is a full-service media agency with a focus on various digital media services. We have extensive knowledge in various business areas and experience with all major digital platforms. Our specialists have the relevant certificates. We are always ready to answer even the most difficult questions and find solutions to various problems.


  • We belong to the Age Com group of marketing companies, which manages 23% of the total volume of marketing investments in the Baltics.

  • Our team has 16 specialists with different experience and competence. 

  • We have won Digitegu awards in various categories for several years in a row.




Mindshare Estonia
Metalli 3, Tallinn, Estonia
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