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Digital Marketing Services

Customers can't find your business online? You don't know what customers do on the website? Online advertising does not bring results?  We are always focused on achieving business results for our clients and we help find answers to these questions!

Why choose us?

At Mindshare, we understand and value specialists in our field, and that is why we have professionals certified by Google, Facebook and AdForm to help our customers in digital marketing. 
We believe that through partnership we will achieve the best results together. We are always available for you, and by implementing various digital marketing services, we help you grow your business.

Our services

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • SEM - Search Engine Ads

  • Website analysis - SEO, UX/UI, purchase journey analysis

  • Marketing on social media

  • Video advertising marketing on Youtube

  • Reporting results in Looker Studio

  • Digital advertising in local channels

  • Remarketing or retargeting ads

  • Email marketing

  • Mobile app ads

  • Digital marketing trainings


SEM - Search engine marketing

SEM or search engine marketing is an effective way to market your company or products and services. If you want to attract more visitors to your website and increase your visibility in search engines, then SEM may be just right for you.

SEM ads allow you to target your audience and choose when and where your ads appear. You can show your ads in a specific geographic area or at a certain time. This allows you to tailor your advertising campaign to your goals and budget.

If you want to increase sales for your business or products and services, then search engine marketing can be a great opportunity. SEM allows you to reach your target audience and increase your visibility in search engines, helping you achieve your business goals.

We can help you by creating a digital media plan that will help you be found successfully and with optimal investment on Bing and Google search, display ads, and video on YouTube. We will set up ads and continually optimize campaigns to improve results. For more information on Google Ads advertising, please email


Social media marketing

Marketing on social media is one of the most effective ways to advertise your brand or products and services nowadays. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. offer the opportunity to reach your target audience and engage with them directly and interactively.

Social media marketing allows you to more precisely target your audience based on their interests, demographics, etc. You can create customized content that speaks directly to your target audience and increases their engagement with your brand. This can increase your audience's loyalty and help you achieve your sales goals.

If you want to increase brand awareness and sales, social media marketing may be just what you need. Social media platforms offer the opportunity to reach your target audience and engage with them interactively and cost-effectively.

We can help you by creating a social media strategy that helps you be visible across various social media channels. We set up ads, manage accounts, and carry out content creation. Contact us at


SEO analysis

SEO analysis is an important tool that helps you improve your website's visibility in search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that allows you to optimize your website's content and structure to be more easily found in search results.

SEO analysis allows you to identify weaknesses on your website and receive recommendations on how to improve them. During the analysis, your website's content, structure, tag usage, links, and more will be reviewed. You will learn about your website's strengths and weaknesses in search engine optimization and how to improve them.

Our SEO analysis service allows you to get an overview of your website's current status in search engines. You will receive recommendations on identifying website problems, improving your website, and necessary steps to achieve higher positions in search results.

We conduct SEO, UX/UI, or purchasing journey analysis. As a result, we prepare a summary report of different issues, solution possibilities, and subsequent steps. If you are interested, please contact us at



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